Mikayla's DUSANNA Tote Bag

People use handbags and tote bags for all different reasons, some carry food, drinks, essentials, and some are holding toys, papers, laptops etc. 

By now you would know that DUSANNA is designed for everyone, and the pockets are super versatile and can be used for hundreds of different items ranging in size!

So, the way that I use my Everyday DUSANNA tote is pretty similar from day-to-day, but I do change it up depending on where I am going. 

I always use the top open pockets for headphones and keys, and my small, zipped pocket for lip balm, access cards, hand sanitiser and lip gloss.

The laptop section either holds my laptop and charger, or other chargers, a hat, and some snacks. The larger pockets often contain sunscreen, jewellery, gum, and other zip-locked snacks (always gotta have my snacks)!

Obviously, the main section can hold whatever you need, and mine usually has my makeup bag, lunch, gym clothes, and whatever else I need for the day!

We would love to see how you're using all of your DUSANNA pockets and compartments, so please tag us on Instagram and/or Facebook!

Mikayla x

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