Ethics and Sustainability

DUSANNA was born out of a need for purposeful, useful, and durable bags and accessories that did not previously exist on the market. This meant creating new items and reducing waste for consumers at the same time. 

DUSANNA works with small Artisan workshops in Sri Lanka, that meet all the ethical requirements that any workshop should.

All employees that create DUSANNA products are Artisan workers who are paid above-standard wage and work in small teams with good quality and healthy working conditions.

DUSANNA has no slave labour in its supply chain and will always work to ensure no human rights are violated in the creation of DUSANNA products.

DUSANNA uses ethically sourced and manufactured vegan leather and reduces waste consumption wherever possible in the supply chain, and in the packaging and shipping processes.

DUSANNA packaging is made up of compostable bags, and recyclable paper and wrapping. 

We all have a responsibility to protect our planet, and to ensure we create a sustainable future for generations to come. DUSANNA is proud to take considered measures for our environment, in all aspects of the business operations.