Hi there, I am Mikayla, the founder/ creator of DUSANNA.

I created DUSANNA because I saw a huge gap in the bag market. 
There are many bags on the market, none of which ever have enough sections for our daily items. DUSANNA is a line of chic, yet affordable, bags and accessories that have compartments and zips for everything; from keys to drink bottles to snacks.
The name DUSANNA pays homage to my grandparents, Dusan and Susanna; whose love, hard work, and sacrifice inspired this business. 
DUSANNA bags are all made, partly by hand, by Artisan workers in Sri Lanka. DUSANNA works with small teams who are committed to creating unique and sustainable items. 
All of our bags are carefully curated, with durable and sustainable materials, and without mass production; every piece is just for you. 
Partnering with a Sri Lankan team is important in helping to give back and creating a circular economy, with a country that has had its fair share of tough times recently. 
By purchasing from DUSANNA, you are helping Artisan workers create successful and sustainable careers.
I have created a unique line of bags and accessories that allow you to find your everyday items without endless rummaging, giving you more time to spend doing the things you love, and saving you money that you could otherwise waste on impractical bags.
My vision is to make bags and accessories for people of all ages, who need to go to different places all around the world.